Pay the 'End User Registration' or
'Website Setup' fee here - Demonstration page


Once you become a Partner you will be provided with your own log in password which you then use to enter the web page for your licenced product group. Once you have purchased an End User Registration Fee, an Activation Key is generated automatically by our server and is emailed to the email used in the Pay Pal transaction.


If necessary forward this email to your End User to be inputted into the software application they have purchased from you. The Activation Key is sent immediately after your End User Registration Fee purchase - this can be demonstrated by using the live 'Pay Pal' button below.


Occasionally the Activation Key email can be found in the 'Junk' folder depending on the sensitivity and setup of your email.

You can see how the system works here - complete the Pay Pal process


What exactly is the End User Registration Fee?

Typical Examples

If you have sold a full management system with 2 additional user licences then you will need to purchase 3 End User Registration fees (because your user will have the software installed on 3 PCs). You should purchase the LAN 3 licence option if available.

If you have sold a single management system with no additional user licence then you will need to purchase just 1 End User Registration fee.

You as the Partner will now enter the 'End User' details directly onto our Registration system via the Partner Portal. Once this is done the End User will be able to obtain technical support immediately, they will also have access to our help website for the product training videos etc.

Your Partner Licence Agreement allows you only to purchase an 'End User Registration Fee' that you have a Partner Agreement for. The end user registration fee is 11% of the product RRP - and is payable for each licence the end user has.
Product Name Purchase End User Fee
You will need to purchase an End User Registration Fee for each licence or network licence the end user has - please see 'Example' at the top of this page.
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Website Solutions Set up Pay Setup Fee
Desktop Management System End User Support Fee

Purchase your End User Support Reg Fee from here (not on this demo page). If an end user has a network licence then you must purchase the same quantity of support packages as they have network licences, you cannot purchase less. The standard support fee for all desktop managment systems is £25.00 per network licence.

If an annual support plan is purchased within the first 60 days of the end user purchasing their software then the one year will start at the end of the 60 days.

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Any desktop manangement User Support Fee
Support Fee Per User Licence