BASETrack Partner in a Nutshell

Your own IT business - great profits, almost from Day 1 - extremely low overheads and year on year renewal fees (Residual income) from your customers

Become a BASETrack Partner

How our Partner scheme works

As a BASETrack Partner (sometimes called Channel Partner) you will be running your own IT/software business, marketing our Business to Business software solutions to SME businesses in your own exclusive protected area. You also have the opportunity to provide additional products such as PCs, Printers, and other IT equipment to our end users, making this an ideal IT business. The main 'tool of your trade' is our Annual Unlimited Volume Licence. With this licence you are permitted to sell as many desktop applications as you can, keeping 89% of the sale price. Depending on your chosen Product Group you will also market e commerce sites (which includes our iPhone and Android app called 'Red Squid'), normal websites, and cloud solutions. On every solution you market your 'end user' pays you direct - not us. If you're looking to start an IT business - you've found it. For Partners in the UK we have now teamed up with Payment Sense. Several of our desktop applications are now integrated with the option to use Payment Sense (Also called Dojo) credit card processing software. This is an additional revenue stream for our Partners.

UNLIMITED Sales - Customers (end users) pay YOU direct - not us

On every product you sell, your customer (the end user) pays you direct... they do not pay us, so the money is in your bank immediately. You are able to negotiate your own payment terms with your customers. Getting your payment could not be easier.

Additional Annual Revenue Streams (Residual Income)

In addition to marketing software applications to your end users and depending on your product group licence you will also be marketing value added products such as e commerce websites, our App called Red Squid, cloud solutions and support packages which include product upgrades and additional product licences. These are renewable each year, which means you are growing a residual income stream.

Supplying IT equipment to end users is also an optional additional revenue stream. The majority of our business users use our software all day everyday to assist in running their business, so providing the IT equipment and additional IT support is an obvious choice. However, supplying IT equipment is something that is only optional as a Partner.

Our NETMaster online sales e commerce sites also come with an accompanying app called 'Red Squid' - this iPhone and Android App is a FREE app that is designed to work hand in glove with our NETMaster e commerce sites.

Global Technical Support

As you would expect you do not need to worry about providing any technical help or support for any of our products. All customer support issues are dealt with via our global support department which operates 24/7/365. We have local telephone access numbers so your customers can obtain support whenever they need it. We also provide full IT services for any additional services your end users should need (additional cost would apply).

Complete control of your business

You have direct access to all your product group software and download links, so you are able to market and sell software without the need to refer to us beforehand. You will control your end user information via a login which accesses our main global server. Your end user pays you direct - not us. You can focus on your marketing, and once a sale has been completed hand over the training and ongoing support to us.

Your long term business

As a BASETrack Partner you can look forward to a long term business with substantial profits, without the need to invest substantial amounts in starting a business. It's a great opportunity to have your own IT business, with a sensible start up cost and profits almost from day 1. What's even better, you're in safe hands as we've been in business for more than 20 years, we know our business and our end users.

How much and how quick?

Becoming a Partner is both quick and extremely cost effective. Your initial investment covers the cost of your first Annual Unlimited Volume Licence for your chosen exclusive area. With this licence it means that you can sell an unlimited number of the software (within your product group) and e commerce solutions within your exclusive protected area, and you keep typically 89% of the sale price. The exact cost of your Annual Unlimited Volume Licence is calculated on the size and the population of your exclusive area. See FAQs (you will need a login to access the FAQS - please contact us)

Exclusive (Protected) areas

Whatever area or areas you decide to conduct business in - it's your exclusive (protected) area - you will be the only BASETrack partner marketing BASETrack products in that area. See FAQs

international partners

As an International Partner (outside of the UK) you will have a much larger area as your exclusive protected territory. This might be a complete country, a state or province within a country. In some countries there is the opportunity to become a Master Partner. As a Master Partner you would be responsible for the recruitment of your Partners, who effectively would be working under your direction.

How much can I expect to earn?

The more sales you make, naturally the more profit you will make. Remember that once you have your Annual Unlimited Volume Licence you don't pay any more (other than the End User Registration Fee). Being a Partner is not the same as being a Franchisee - there are no further royalty fees to pay as a Partner. In our FAQs section we have a profit forecaster you can download, so please contact us should you wish to see this

How do I collect the payment from an end user

Your end user pays you direct - not us, therefore the arrangement is between you and your customer. Most Partners will take the full payment in one go, however you can make alternative arrangements if that suits you and your customer, and secures a sale.

You'll earn yearly income from these 4 sources

  1. Business Desktop Management Systems Sales
  2. Website Solutions which includes the Red Squid App, Sales and Renewals
  3. Cloud Solution Renewals
  4. Annual Support Package and Renewals (Residual Income)

What is an Annual Unlimited Volume Licence?

With an Annual Unlimited Volume Licence (which is purchased from us) you can resell our products as many times as you wish over your licence period and you keep typically 89% of the selling price of most of the desktop business solutions software. E commerce and support packages are slightly different, but no less profitable to you. To continue as a Partner you will need to renew your Annual Unlimited Volume Licence each year. The cost of this licence varies according to area and population and Product Group

What about Yearly Renewal Income?

As a Partner you can look forward to annual renewals from your customers (end users). Annual renewal fees can come from support packages, cloud solutions and website renewals. Your annual yearly renewal income will start to form a significant part of your year on year income - and of course will start to add to the value of your BASETrack Partnership.

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