B2B Software Applications

Please select the group that suits you. At this point if available, you will then be able to market all the products in this group as part of your Annual Unlimited Volumn Licence

All our B2B Management Systems are sold as a 'Forever' licence. As the name suggest that means there are no renewal fees for End Users.



This group of products is prominently aimed at the motor trade. Both GB Pro V3 and TRUCKBase Pro provide a powerful system both for Customer and Vehicle Management. The products are desktop management systems targeted at the small to medium sized business. As these products are aimed at broadly the same type of business they are all grouped together as an Exclusive Product and our all covered by the same Annual Unlimited Volume Licence


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GB Pro V3 Website


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TRUCKBase Pro Website


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DVSA Safety Inspection Manager Website


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Beauty Group



SALONBase Pro is targeted at Hairdressing businesses and other beauty businesses. As well as other Hair and Beauty Salons, you will find a huge beauty market who are dealing with appointments


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SALONBase Website


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TRADE & retail Group


These two products promote our software to Trades people wanting both an invoicing system plus the ability to create job sheets and record payments etc.


FIRSTPoint is a POS system which ideally suited to a retail outlet (sitting on the counter). FIRSTPoint can be used with a Touch Screen monitor , bar code scanner and any 80mm till receipt printer (Example). However a A4 /Letter printer can still be used (and needed for Admin reports etc)


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TRADESBase Website


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FIRSTPoint - Point of Sale Website


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Red squid Group


Our shopping App Red Squid provides commission free ordering direct with the shop owner or Food Take Away business. Pay Pal and Stripe is incorporated and has the option turn on either to take full or part payments. Comes as an Iphone

and Android App. Ideally used for fast food takeaway, retail and cosmetics businesses. This product is not available as a Unlimited Volume Licence and is not part of the E-Commerce Group (below).





Red Squid -Being Local Online


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NETMaster and motorweb online sales and bookings - e commerce


Both these site provide either a full website or can be added just as a booking module to an existing site (iframe). The MOTORWEB Online appointments system was designed for the UK but does have a customization to add to how things work outside of the UK






NETMaster Main Website with example sites for booking etc


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MOTORWeb Online booking and example sites


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Non Exclusive products


Non Exclusive products can be sold by any Partner (with the exception of the Red Squid Group and E commerce sites) within their exclusive area. So effectively they are an additional 2 products to any of the above applications (not the RED Squid group or other e commerce websites). You can obtain your Activation Keys from within your own Login for your chosen Products






Invoice Pro 1 Website


DIARYBase Website