Product Groups

The software applications that your licence allows you to market are divided into 2 groups - you will have a licence to market products from your chosen licenced group in your own exclusive area.. In addition to the products in your licenced product group you are also licenced to market our non exclusvie software applications within your own exclusive area

Exclusive Products to the Trade group




rETAIL Group

Exclusive Products to the Retail Group
  • SALONBase Pro View Website
  • SALONBase Lite View Website
  • NETMaster e Commerce sites
  • Iphone and Android App 'Red Squid' View Website
  • NETMaster e Commerce for Food Outlets (Take Away)
  • Red Squid is a FREE app which works hand in glove with the NETMaster E- commerce website




NON exclusive products

Non exclusive products can be sold by any partner within their exclusive area,

they can be sold by both partners in the same area.