Advertising our products on your website

To ensure that no Partners are disadvantaged by another Partner we have a some rules that you must abide by.

We want you to be able to successfully sell online - so please don't hesitate to contact us to provide help or suggestions

  • Ensure that you email us at least 5 working days in advance of wanting to start selling the product your Partner Licence Agreement provides for. You must provide a link to the page on which the products are shown for sale, either individually or as part of a 'package'. This might be several links depending on how many products you wish to sell. These links should not be made 'live' until after you have received our consent via email.
  • Ensure you are in receipt of our reply to your email, consenting for you to sell the products listed in your email to us. You can only sell products that you have a Partner Licence Agreement to sell.
  • You must ensure that any advertised price of our products are not lower than the RRP for those products advertised on our BASETrack Systems Ltld product website.
  • If you are including our product as part of a 'bundle', 'package' or another service then you do not need to provide/show a price for our product provided the total package price is not less than any of our products that are within this package. For example if you supply GB Pro pre installed on a PC as a complete package then you must advertise this package at a greater price than GB Pro.
  • You must not use any of our products in 'cash back' offers or schemes.
  • If you wish to promote a 'Discount Code' that would reduce the product cost at the 'checkout' this Discount code must not be displayed on any website, advertised in any form of national advertising or any advertising that would be seen or the possibility of being seen outside of your exclusive area.
  • The appearance of our products on your website must not create an impression that the products shown are your products - however you are permitted and advised to state that you are an authorised BASETrack Partner.
  • You must not provide or advertise any download link for our software from our server. If you wish to provide a download link then this must initiate from your own server.
  • You must not provide any demo versions of our software as a download without our prior consent.
  • If you sell our products online from your website and offer a download after purchase you must provide your own download page and the software to be downloaded must come from your download location (server) after the successful completion of the payment process - that is, the software must not be downloaded from our server (we will supply you with the software to download which you can upload to your server).